Just One of the Guys Episode #67

MadminW May 31, 2013

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Hello faithful listeners, and welcome to episode 67 of Just One of the Guys. It’s week five of our “Co-Host-A-Palooza” Month and we’re ending the month by rocking you like a hurricane with the sonic symphony of destruction of…Sonar. But wait, it’s not the C-List GL villain from the Hal Jordan run, but the spandex wearing, hair metal coifed version from the 1990’s, and only Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and his best friend Wally West, a.k.a. The Flash can take him down.

Over in Guy Gardner, we get the first of our Underworld Unleashed crossovers as Guy comes back to reclaim what is his. But this isn’t the Guy we all know and love, it’s the evil clone from the “Yesterday’s Sins” story arc, and to add to the mayhem, Underworld enhanced baddies Earthworm, the Cheetah, and…Blackguard (*SIGH*) show up to engage in some mcfightenstein.

And once again, I’m delighted to be joined by Dave Walker, host of Flash Legacies, who is going to help me figure out exactly which lead singer of Warrant Sonar is supposed to be. As well as letting me know what words require an extra “U” placed in them. So, unless you want close up images of Sonar’s crotchular region (it’s a word, I checked Urban Dictionary), I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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