Just One of the Guys Episode #69

MadminW June 14, 2013

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Hello most excellent ones, and welcome to another episode of Just One of the Guys, the only podcast that doesn’t fall into the trap of making Bill and Ted references with the episode title. Okay, I guess I did just then, mea culpa. But favorite numbers aside, this issue brings us another tale from crossover event, Underworld Unleashed, with Kyle Rayner having to fight against Purgatory. No, not the eternal waiting room of Catholics who died without confessing that they enjoyed that aforementioned number (venial sins folks), but the amplified villain that Kyle gave ring construct legs to. How’s that for gratitude? Plus Donna gets to meet the people that live in Kyle’s apartment building, including Allison, who just so happens to have been showering as the Purgatory attack began.

Sorry, I was thinking about Allison and the episode number (Note to self; go to confession soon).

Over in Guy Gardner, we get…more temptation, in the form of sultry model Martika, who graces the cover in a very…engaging pose. But it’s not all hubba hubba this issue, as Tiger Man, Veronna, and Hooker Jem (Arisia) scour the sewers for the Earthworm and the partons of the Warriors Bar that he captured last issue. And surprisingly, there are alligators in the sewers, so some urban legends are actually true. All of this, plus listener feedback! So if you want to hear about mulleted villains who might actually be the devil, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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