Just One of the Guys Episode #71

MadminW July 5, 2013

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Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to another episode of Just One of the Guys, the podcast that isn’t afraid to put out a show without the proper amount of research. Specifically, when in Green Lantern #71 you see a cover depicting Kyle and the Bat-Signal , you would obviously think Batman plays prominently in the book. Well, aside from asking Kyle to “SWEAR TO ME!!!“, you would be pretty wrong. But Alan Scott is in the book, and he’s dealing with the reprocussions of Underworld Unleashed making his wife all hot and stuff, so there is that.

Over in Guy Gardner we get OH MY GAWD,WHAT HAPPENED TO GUY ON THE COVER?!? Wow, the nineties are in effect there, but thankfully, the story by Beau Smith is much better, with Guy, Buck and the crew tussling with Gorilla Grodd and his pack of Cyber-Apes…Okay, well the story is very nineties as well, but it’s Beau FREAKING Smith, so it embraces the excess of the decade and has fun with it.

And as an extra special bonus, I’m joined by podcasting genius Tom Panarese, host of Taking Flight:A Robin and Nightwing Podcast and Pop Culture Affidavit, who thought he would have a long discussion about Robin meeting up with Green Lantern. Sadly, we talked more about the awkward humor of Guy’s mother. It wasn’t the best. But having Tom on the show was, and I know you will love it all. So unless you want more monkey-spanking references in the show, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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