Just One of the Guys Episode #73

MadminW July 18, 2013

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Hello dear listeners, and welcome to an estrogen filled episode of Just One of the Guys. Wait, before you delete the file because you think I’m going all Oprah on the show, you’re sadly mistaken. The estrogen in Green Lantern comes from one of the greatest female characters in comicdom, Wonder Woman. Kyle, in his quest to discover what it means to be a hero, has ended up in Gateway City and has a bit of a tussle with Wonder Woman. And thankfully she’s out of her biker shorts outfit and back in the classic costume, and Paul Pelletier does a great job of drawing her in it.

Over in Guy Gardner there’s a lot of estrogen as well, as Guy has suddenly turned into…a Gal. Is this a problem with his alien physiology? Is this a statement on modern femenism? Is this a cheap way to get a pin-up cover on the book? You’ll have to listen to find out. All of this and more of your e-mail. So unless you want Wonder Woman to punish you (and not in the fun kind of way), I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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