Just One of the Guys Episode #75

MadminW August 2, 2013

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the end of an era at Just One of the Guys. Sadly as the Image chasing era of the 1990’s draws to an end, so to does the Guy Gardner Warrior comic. In issue 44 of the book, the wi-fi of manly manliness, Beau Smith, teams up with artist Mitch Byrd to close out this chapter on the character of Guy Gardner, and they do it in fine style. Guy as written by Smith has never been better, and despite the over the top look and feel that was hefted on the character, Beau sends the character off in style.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the Green Lantern issue, where Kyle takes on Grayven, a evil despot with daddy issues. Darkstars get taken out, John Stewart almost gets killed, and Adam Strange…is woefully underused. But Kyle has his first “epic save” so there is that…

I’m sorry, I’m still kind of bummed that Guy Gardner is coming to and end. But thankfully I’ve got veteran podcaster and good friend Thomas Deja (host of Better in the Dark, Damn Your Eyes! Damn Your Ears!, and The Nocturne Travel Agency) to aid me through my grief. We celebrate this hidden gem in the era of big guns, big boobs and pouches, and give our respects to both Guy, Beau and Byrd. So come along and get some Vuldarian justice with us; it’s what Guy would want you to do.

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