Just One Of The Guys Episode #83

MadminW October 11, 2013

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Hello troubled youth of the world and welcome to a stay in school episode of Just One of the Guys, a Green Lantern podcast. What’s the deal with wanting you to stay in school? Well it’s because this week we are taking a look at the heavily message oriented/drugs are bad, mmmkay/knowing Shakespeare sonnets can get you laid comic known as Detention Comics. It’s a trio of after school specials starring Robin, Superboy, and the one and only Guy Gardner who goes back to his roots as an educator and deals with some unruly meta-human punks. Spank rays abound!

Then over in the Green Lantern book we get introduced to the one villain in Kyle’s rouge’s gallery that actually sticks around, a Green Lantern hunter known as Fatality. She has a real mad on for the Lanterns, and we’ll come to find out that her grudge relates to a character in the book. We also get to see Kyle mopping up some Borat level mafiosos, dancing with stereotypical 90’s women, and using some weaponry that would make Cable tell him to tone down the nineties-ness of it (That’s a word now, I just added it to Urban Dictionary). So unless you want to stay after the podcast in the gym running wind sprints, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening.

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