Just One of the Guys Episode #91

MadminW December 6, 2013

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Hello dear listeners, and welcome to a torture (TORCHA!!!) filled episode of Just One of the Guys. And as you can tell by the cover to the book this week, we’re witness to Lord Darkseid’s (and his faithful companion Cylde’s) creepy grand inquisitor, Desaad! He’s gotten ahold of Green Lantern and is implimenting all sorts of torture (TORCHA!!!) on our emerald hero. And from the title of the crossover, it looks like the torture (TORCHA!!!) has something to do with the Phil Collins band that Peter Gabriel left to make videos about shocking monkeys. I could be wrong about that.

And in the second book, Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4, we get the first Green Lantern story written by then current Green Lantern writer Ron Marz. Plus there’s some nice art of a ridiculously hot girl in some outlandish lingere, an Alan Scott story drawn by Jim “I Like Boobs” Balent where Green Lantern tussels with Solomon Grundy, an G’nort story where he goes to an Obedience School reunion, and a story about a school marm who refuses being a Green Lantern. Yeah, they all can’t be winners. So unless you want Desaad to play “Sussudio” over and over again (Wait, that’s not Genesis either…), I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start listening!

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