Just One of the Guys Episode #95

MadminW January 3, 2014

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Happy New Year, faithful listeners, and welcome back to the show that brings you coverage of Green Lantern comics from the Chromium Age, Just One of the Guys. This week in our coverage we’re taking a look at Green Lantern #95, a book with Jim Starlin art, which one would think would be awesome as Starlin is known for doing cosmic really well. This time the art is hindered by an inventory story about creepy Mojo from the X-Men wannabes who live on a planet serviced by robots being stalked by a giant spider. Plus there’s some lesson about not relying on technology to do yoour bidding or something…I tuned out. But the art is neat, so there’s that.

Sadly, the same can’t be said about Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #6, which I like to call “THE OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BY MALES FEMALE EMPOWERMENT ISSUE!!!” This time out we get Boodikka and her mom playing soccer her grandmother’s dessicated head, Alan Scott facing down a groupie for the band Winger (maybe that’s Harlequin, I can’t be certain), a story of fatherly betrayal that got adapted into a story for the Emerald Knights animated movie…and tubby alien Oprah Green Lantern. Yes, you read that right, and you can’t unread it. Just when I thought the Muppet bugs story would be the worst of this run. Plus there are interludes of 90’s, pregnant, man-bashing Power Girl yelling at everyone while doing bench presses. Hooray for equality! So unless you want me to suggest Geoff Johns to bring back the character of Green Lantern Mardin, I would ask you to grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

Addendum: Here is the link to Luke Jaconetti’s blog about Kull the Conqueror.

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