Just One Of The Guys Episode #97

MadminW January 17, 2014

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Happy Friday, my friends, and thanks for downloading another episode of Just One of the Guys, the best Green Lantern podcast that covers the Green Lantern comics starting with cover date June 1990 and ending with cover date November 2004. Again, carving out a specific niche so I’m not really lying with that statement. Anyhow, this week after a boatload of feedback from you wonderful listeners, we’ve got a couple of great Green Lantern issues. First off is Green Lantern #97, and if you were just judging this book by it’s cover, you’d think it was a knockdown, dragout brawl between Green Lantern and possible Darkseid offspring Grayven, but actually it’s a dramatic conversation between Kyle and apartment-mate Allison. Ron Marz is at the top of his game here in a story that not only deals with Kyle’s feelings and emotions, but also sets up an interesting story set in the future.

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #7 also shines in the writing department with stories about a Lantern fighting against a group of vampires, a Lantern fighting against the hordes of Hades, and the origin of the Starheart, the retconned power battery of Green Lantern Alan Scott. Yeah, there’s a horrible tale that’s supposed to relate to Nazi Germany, but the works by future Starman creators James Robinson and Tony Harris more than make up for it. Things are ramping up to the final issue, as well as issue 100 of Green Lantern, so you want to get on board now. So make sure to grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening.

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