Just One Of The Guys Episode #98

MadminW January 24, 2014

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Happy Friday, fair listeners, and welcome back to Just One of the Guys, a little show that talks about the Green Lantern books that came out between 1990 and 2004. This week is a special treat, because there’s only one issue to cover, so less of me to listen to…SCORE!!! But that doesn’t mean that the issue, number 98, is to be taken lightly. In fact Kyle Rayner might be up against his greatest foe (which might not be so surprising given his Rogues Gallery to date), an evil Green Lantern Corps! Add to that, he’s been flung into the distant future, where all records of him being a Green Lantern are nonexistant. So no legacy, no way to get back to his own time, and an evil bunch of Lanterns led by Tomar Schwarzenegger. Luckily, the Legion of Superheroes is here to help Kyle out. Unluckily, one of the members is a female descendant of Barry Allen who has quite a crush on Kyle. It’s a far flung fantasy featuring my favorite…comic book character (I’ll never be as good as ol’ Stan “The Man”), and to make sure I can tell my Sparks from my Leviathan, I’ve recruited J. David Weter (host of Dave’s Daredevil Podcast and The Starman Observatory) to fill me in on all things Legion. So unless you are looking for some inappropriate touching by Ultra Boy, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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