Just One of the Guys: Legends of the DC Universe

MadminW December 12, 2014

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Welcome to a very special episode of Just One of the Guys: A Green Lantern Podcast. And no, I’m sorry to report that doesn’t mean we talk about menstruation (thank goodness). What we do talk about are some comics outside of the Green Lantern title proper, specifically Legends of the DC Universe #37 and #38. These are two stories that dealt with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner going up against the completely brilliantly named super villain, Traitor! And it seems that Kyle isn’t the only Lantern in this title who had to face down this foe, as both Abin Sur and Hal Jordan fought him, and he’s still around to do some planetary conquering. Can Kyle defeat this foe? How can he be so naive as to let someone steal his ring. Why does Traitor look like Zardoz on the cover of issue 37? All of these questions will be answered (unless we don’t…it’s been a few weeks since I recorded the show and my memory is not up to snuff) by myself and my esteemed collegue, Dr. Bill Robinson (Back to the Bins/Avengers Spotlight, Walking Dead Wednesday, and Anime Freaks). So I strongly suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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