Just One of the Guys Presents: Emerald Dawn Part 1

MadminW April 13, 2012

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Welcome, faithful listeners, to a very special episode of Just One of the Guys, in which our young heroes learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of not wearing adequate safety devices while working in shop class. Nah, it’s special because it’s the coverage of the first three issues of Emerald Dawn, the series that retold the Hal Jordan origin story and was eventually bastardized by Martin Campbell and pooped upon by Geoff Johns and Dan Didio. In this episode we get drunk driving protagonists, ring construct airbag misuse, Clay’s probable relative, Terminator level violence, and a giant robot antagonist…who is yellow. Wow, who would have thought a Green Lantern villain would be completely yellow? Not this podcaster, I’ll tell you. All of this and more is waiting just for you, so grab your mp3 player of choice, download the podcast, and get to listening!

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