Just One of the Guys Presents…Guy Gardner: Reborn

MadminW August 22, 2012

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Hello dearest of all listeners, and welcome to a very special episode of Just One of the Guys. More special than Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II. More special than Green Lantern #1! More special than yo’ momma!!! (Oooh, sick burn…) That’s right friends, this is the reason I started this show, the reason for all things good and wholesome in the entirety of existence and time immemorial, the reason why the Almighty has…wait, I might be overselling it too much. Anyhow, it is my very special coverage of the three part prestige format books, Guy Gardner: Reborn. And to celebrate this awesomeness, I have superstar podcaster and Guy Gardner fan Thomas Deja adding a level of class and gravitas to the show. Listen as we talk about how Black Hand turned from a pathetic porn peddler to the Avatar of Death, how the New Guardians could never get a podcast of their own, how Joe Staton does wonderful artistic renditions of Tim Curry, and generally how awesome Guy Gardner is. Plus…LOBO!!! (It isn’t a 90’s DC comic unless you have Lobo on one of your covers) So if you don’t want to take a yellow ring construct Baltimore Slugger to the face, you’d better grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!!!

Special thanks again go out to Thomas Deja, co-host of the Better in the Dark podcast with his best friend Derrick Ferguson. You can find that show on iTunes or at the website Better in the Dark.

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