Just One of Them There Guys Episode #5

MadminW December 1, 2013

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At last, the penultimate episode of the show you never thought would end…soon enough. Or something like that. Anyhow its time for another episode of Just One of Them There Guys, where Jay Ferguson and I, Shawn Engel, dive headlong into the final leg of the journey we started in April covering the Marvel Maxi-Series, U.S.1! This time out, we’re covering issues nine and ten, and things are ramping up towards the conclusion. We finally get the reveal of just who Midnight was (it was pretty obvious), we get the reveal of who the Highwayman really was (it was pretty head-scratching), and we get the unexpected return of the aliens from issue five (it was completely out of the blue). Plus we talk about transvestite Danny Bonnaduce, how awesome a U.S.1 cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy would be, and what horrible characters Retread and Baron von Blimp are. Plus…NAZIS!!! So if you are even mildly interested about finding out who would win between a group of truck stop diners and a battalion of Nazi soldiers, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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