Legion Season Three Episode Two

Scott McGregor July 8, 2019

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Scott and Pat are back to talk about “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”, or wait, I must be on drugs, I meant to say Legion “Chapter 21”. David is preparing to use Switchs time travel powers to “fix” the world, but there may be some difficulties to overcome which involve lots of Peanuts references, an Alice in Wonderland homage and a Squirrel interrogation (its Legion, just go with it, man). Will Syd ever forgive David for his rapey ways in the last season? Will Clark push the shiny red button? Does Aubrey Plaza make the best Mad Hatter ever (the answer is yes). Will Scott stop using so many quotes and parenthesis in these write ups? Its Legion, so it might just all be in Davids head or at least in the stuff his hippie commune is smoking. When the going gets weird, the weird watch Legion and you should too, and then listen to us chat about it on Weekly Heroics: A Two True Freaks Guide to Heroes (or psychic villains) on TV.

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