Legion Season Two Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen

Chris Tyler June 29, 2018

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Its the Legioncast season finale show and Pat, Chris and Scott recap and review Chapters 18 and 19. The pieces are all moving into place and Farouk controlled Melanie Bird is showing Syd that David might not be the hero she wants him to be. Meanwhile Davids plan to fight the Shadow King is hatched (A delusion starts as an egg) and the final big boss battle commences in all of its animated glory. Who music is played, a trial for the bad guy happens, or does it, and Legion makes some comments on the #MeToo movement….Or does it? Were really not sure what happened at all this season, but it looked really cool. Listen to us talk about it and help us out, we even have a new email address: cheapscottproductions@gmail.com. Until next year, enjoy your Weekly Heroics Legioncast!

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