Listen to the Prophets #10: The Nagus

Dave Atteberry January 14, 2015

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Today, in our epic TENTH episode, Paul Spataro, Shawn Engel, Andrew Leyland, and special guest host Dr Bill Robinson get to watch and talk about an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that is completely 180 from the prior episode, “Move Along Home”. This time out, Quark becomes the leader of the Ferengi empire in the episode, “The Nagus”. And if your perceptions of the Ferengi were based on the toothless portrayals in Next Generation, well prepare to have them shattered here, as their ruthlessness and underhandedness is defined and perfected. Plus we are introduced to the character of the Nagus, played impeccably by Wallace Shawn, a cackling, wrinkly Godfather analogue that makes this one of the best episodes of the first season. Who would have thought that this show could turn out an episode this good after a show starring 80’s porn actors and stupid hopscotch scenes? So if you want to find out how much we loved this episode, I suggest you grab your mp3 listening devices, download the show, and take some time to…LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS!

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