Listen to the Prophets #16: The Forsaken

Dave Atteberry April 8, 2015

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In a wonderful bit of synergy (read that “he demanded he be included on the show”), Gene “Gene the Podcasting Machine” Hendricks joins Producer Paul Spataro, Awesome Andy Leyland, and Satisfactory Shawn Engel for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode…The Forsaken. When some rather obnoxious Starfleet dignitaries visit the station, Commander Sisko rightly assigns them to be tended to by Dr. Bashir, but even the good doctor can’t control the lustful passions of Lwaxanna Troi, who gets all tingly in her lady bits for the resident shapeshifter, Constable Odo. But does the inclusion of the mother of Next Generation’s most derided counselor into a Deep Space Nine episode drag the show down? You might be surprised to hear what we have to say. So grab your listening device of choice, download the show, and take some time…to LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS.

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