Listen to the Prophets #20: The Homecoming

Dave Atteberry June 3, 2015

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After a schedule SNAFU in order to make sure there was some Star Trek talk for the second week last month, LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS is back to it’s regular schedule and ready to dive headlong into the second season of Deep Space Nine with the first part of a trilogy of episodes entitled “The Homecoming”. After Quark gives Kira a mysterious earring that belonged to a famous, and presumed dead, Bajoran war hero, the Major is bound and determined to rescue him from the Cardassian Prison camp where he’s being held in hopes his presence will bring peace and stability back to Bajor. But will the desparate rescue mission succeed, and even then will presumed hero Li Nalis be up to the task of reforming a fractured Bajor? It’s more Star Trek at it’s finest. So don’t wait! Go download the show and take some time…to Listen to the Prophets.

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