Listen to the Prophets #24: Cardassians

Andrew Leyland July 29, 2015 1

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The Triumvirate of Talent known as Andrew Leyland, Paul Spataro, and Shawn Engel come together once again to bring you another scintillating episode of LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS: A STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE PODCAST. And once again we’re brought back into the world of the most interesting alien race on DS9, as we take a look at the title characters, the Cardassians. When plain simple Garak encounters a young Cardassian boy being raised by Bajoran parents, questions arise as to whom the boy truly belongs, his adoptive parents or his biological Cardassian parents who just so happen to be a major political rival of Gul Dukat. And the idea of who should gain cutsody of this orphan prompts Garak and Bashir to do some investigating and prompts your hosts to rave about how magnificent Andrew Robinson is for every moment he is on the screen. Once again we get some of the best Star Trek the series had to offer. So what are you waiting for? Download the show already, and take some time out of your day to…LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS.

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