Listen to the Prophets #29: Sanctuary

Andrew Leyland October 7, 2015

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Welcome back, everyone, to the greatest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine podcast on the internet, Listen to the Prophets. We’re glad you’re joining us once again as we boldly stay in one place and review and discuss the greatest Star Trek show after the Original Series, episode by episode. And as we make our way through the second season, more and more elements of something ominous in the Gamma Quadrant are seeded in today’s episode, Sanctuary. After rescuing a race of people with really unfortunate skin, Commander Sisko and Major Kira attempt to find a place for these refugees to stay. Too bad, as the Skreeans have already found their prophesied paradise…the planet Bajor. Can the recovering Bajorans take on this massive influx of immigrants, and if not, will the Skreeans go quietly? You’ll just have to tune in to find out. So download the show, and join Shawn Engel, Paul Spataro, and Andrew Leyland as they take some time to…LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS.

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