Listen to the Prophets #5: Captive Pursuit

Dave Atteberry November 5, 2014 1

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Tired of the election coverage here in the United States? Well, why not settle down with a non-controversial episode of Listen to the Prophets? Well, if you take out the argument over Klingon boob windows, it’s non-controversial. Luckily most of the episode is dedicated to coverage of the first season episode “Captive Pursuit” which has Chief O’Brien meeting up with a fugitive alien from the Gamma Quadrant (who, coincidentally does NOT try and kill anyone with a forklift) who is being hunted by some proto-Jem’Hadar. We talk about Sisko’s lax command style, O’Brien’s flagrant disregard of the chain of command, and how one interprets the Prime Directive in the frontiers of space. All of this, plus feedback from you wonderful listeners can be heard when you download the show and get ready…to Listen to the Prophets.

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