Listen to the Prophets #7: Dax

Dave Atteberry December 3, 2014

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In the Bajoran Justice System, the Klaesron are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The Shapeshifters who investigate crime and the crotchety old Bajorans who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. (DUN-DUN!)

Yes, once again Star Trek does courtroom drama in the Deep Space Nine episode, “Dax”. Many years ago, Kurson Dax was with a Klaesron general who was assassinated, and he was the prime suspect. But now Dax is being sought out to face justice, but the symbiote is in a new host, Jadzia. Can the crimes of the past host pass to the current, or did Dax just get away with the ultimate con? Paul Spataro, Andrew Leyland, and Shawn Engel discuss this subject, your e-mails, and much more on today’s episode…of LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS.

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