Listen to the Prophets #9: Move Along Home

Dave Atteberry December 31, 2014 2

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Is Scott Gardner justified in his claims of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine being the worst of the Star Trek series? Well, if you only went by this lastest episode, you might just agree with him, as this time out Andrew Leyland, Shawn Engel, and Paul Spataro tackle…Move Along Home. Yes, the episode where the members of the command crew of DS9 are captured by the cast of a late 80’s porn shoot and forced to do horrible versions of hopscotch while reciting insipid sing song rhymes. And to add insult to injury…ROCK CLIMBING!!! Yes, it “Lost Continent” and “Hercules Against the Moon Men” didn’t fulfill your quotient for that level of inanity, then this episode surely will. Am I getting across that this might not be out favorite episode of the show? But fear not, because despite the episode not being the best, our coverage and discussion most certainly is. So send off the end of the year by knowing it only gets better from here on out.

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