Mike’s Amazing World of DC History – Episode 2

Mike Voiles August 5, 2013

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Mike is back for another episode covering the early days of DC comics history. Did you ever want to know about the comics that were around before Superman debuted? Find out about three DC features in this episode:

Who was the first lady of DC? No, it wasn’t Wonder Woman. It was Sandra of the Secret Service! She had her own feature in DC’s first ever comic, New Fun #1. Not only that but she held the lead spot in nearly every issue. You go, girl!

Here are some pages from Sandra’s first adventure. These are color versions of Sandra’s first two appearances that were reprinted in Bingo Comics (1945).

Episode #1 – Page 1, Page 2 and Episode #2 – Page 1, Page 2

Also in this episode, DC’s earliest science fiction strips: Don Drake on Planet Saro and Super-Police.

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