Palace Of Glittering Delights 0 – She’s a Marshmellow

Andrew Leyland March 16, 2014

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This is a diffcult one to explain so bear with me. Andrew Leyland (that’s me) of the Hey Kids, Comics podcast has been tooling around with ideas for when Hey Kids comes to its inevitable end and one such idea was THE PALACE OF GLITTERING DELIGHTS in which I get to talk about whatever I like. Think of this as a tryout for that. If it does well enough, maybe I’ll do more. Anyway, this weekend the VERONICA MARS movie was released following an immensly successful KICKSTARTER campaign and being a fan of the show (and backer!), I wanted to talk about it. Another fan of the show (and backer!) is my best friend SCOTT ALLISON and, as we were going out for a beer or two, I decided to record an hour or so of us talking about the flick before our other mates showed up. This hasn’t been edited (other than to drop in a few promos), the audio is raw and there is some profanity and it gets a bit rambling (as it does when beer is involved) but we had fun and we hope you will as well.

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