Preacher Season Four Episodes One and Two

Scott McGregor August 10, 2019

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The Weekly Heroics Preachercast is back!!! We have a Giant Sized, newly circumcised, Man Thing of an episode for you as we cover the first and second episodes of the fourth and final season, though were hoping to steal Genesis from Jesse and make AMC give us more. The assault on Masada begins in an effort to free Cassidy from the clutches of The Grail. Not before Frankie the Torturer has his way first in the most extreme Bris in history. Theres penis references a plenty, Tulip and Featherstone fighting, Jesse on the road, God exercising his wrath and gourmet meals as AMC hits the ground running with all the twisted things we adore about this show. Only eight episodes to go and the apocalypse is coming so join us for the Weekly Heroics Preachercast and watch the end with us.

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