Preacher Season Three Episode Five

Chris Tyler July 29, 2018

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Bingestorm covers Preacher season three episode five this week and get sent to a little time out in The Coffin. Tulip has decided to kill Granma to break her hold on Jesse, or has she? Also TC and Jody might have a little something to say about that which may involve found object bathroom warfare. Meanwhile Cassidy is off on his own, trying the local underground pharmaceuticals and hitting the vampire dating scene. Herr Starr is auditioning Humperdoo for the Allfather, Featherstone gets a mission and we finally see Granmas true face, or at least head. Bonus Civil War creepy cosplay and absolutely not an appearance by John Wayne. I saw a podcast with a Chinese menu in its hand and it was called Weekly Heroics. Awooo! Tune in!

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