Tales of the Justice Society of America #12

MadminW January 29, 2010

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It’s that time again, folks! No not Miller Time, you lush! I’m talking about “Tales of the Justice Society of America” time! Whoo-hoo!!

This week, Scott and Mike kick things off with more of YOUR e-mails and the usual discussion/tangents/rants that they inspire. Listen to hear The Amazing Scott predict something eerily close to the I-Pad well before it was even announced!!

Then, it’s on to DC Special #29 which features the Most Sensational Secret of World War II — The Untold Origin of the Justice Society and how they came to be!! See (or at the very least hear anyway) how it all began as the guys cover this spectacular issue from top to bottom — including Mike proving that he does indeed have a very large chip on his shoulder when it comes to proving how what a big comic book brain he supposedly has!!

Special appearance by Uncle Adolf!!

After that are the ads and, sadly, they’re not quite up to par. I mean, For Pete’s Sake, there wasn’t even a Hostess ad in this one (which Mike and Scott are fairly certain violated some law from this time period)!!

All of this — PLUS — What else was lookin’ good in the DC Multiverse at this time!!

:Sigh: I still can’t get over there not being any Hostess ad in this issue. That’s just downright Un-American!

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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