Tales of the Justice Society of America #20

MadminW March 26, 2010 2

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Welcome back to the best thing to happen to comics since… well, since ever! TALES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA is back and this week Scott and Mike are all business, turning in a lean and mean episode as the show reaches its first bittersweet milestone — the final issue of All-Star Comics!!

Yes, you read that right, folks. Sadly, ALL-STAR COMICS reaches the end of its run with issue #74 and while the cover proclaims this issue “an EPIC JSA story”, the contents seem to indicate otherwise. Not that it’s a bad story, mind you! Mike and Scott have just a few problems with it. Ok… maybe more than just a few problems with it… :sigh: okay, okay… a whole lotta problems with it!! Like, for example, how Dr. Fate is a big ol’ hypocrite. Or Hawkman’s massive ego. Not to mention the fact that… you guys are so not gonna believe this… the JSAers sit on their hands and do nothing! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! This issue was a super-sized mixed bag of messed up, but Mike and Scott cover it all including — the ads (which have a ton of info about the very short lived DC Explosion)!!

No e-mails or Hostess ads this week, but this episode is still sixteen different flavors of awesome!! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!! Offer not valid in Tennessee. Void where prohibited. Tales of the Justice Society of America is not responsible for improper use of this podcast. Side effects may include: runny nose, tears streaming down face, aching side muscles, the condition known as doubled-over back syndrome, and assorted other maladies associated with laughing too frickin’ hard. Seek immediate medical attention for smiles lasting more than four hours.

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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