Tales of the Justice Society of America #25

MadminW May 1, 2010

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Scott and Mike are back again, fresh from their escape… I mean release… yes… release from that loony bin… I mean mental health facility… yes… mental health facility… and there was no escape at all. Mike and Scott didn’t stick the pills they were given to take under their tongues and empty the contents into a napkin and then drug the night attendant and then rip the water fountain out of the floor, throw it through the window, and flee into the night. None of that happened and if anyone asks you about it you don’t know anything, all right? All right.

Um, anyway… this week, the guys continue their look at the Justice League of America /Justice Society of America crossovers that took place after ALL-STAR COMICS #58 with two stories — one that involves time travel and another that involves the Justice Society being real douche bags to a fellow hero!!
In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 159 and 160, heroes from the past (including one of Scott’s all time favorites, Jonah Hex!!) are used by the Lord of Time to mess with the JLA/JSA. There’s a lot of wonky in this story, and Scott has far more to say about it than Mike, but what’s new, right? RIGHT? :taps microphone: Is this thing on?

Then, in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 171 and 172, the teams get together and, as per usual, someone dies!! For once, it’s NOT one the “escorts” that Batman brings around and that tend to end up crushed and mangled after Superman gets into the Captain Morgan. This time, it’s… well, I’d say it was a member of the JSA, but Mister Terrific, as Hawkman is so quick to point out after Terrific assumes room temperature, wasn’t “really” a part of their little clique now, was he? This is an old-fashioned, closed-door murder mystery with Batman and the Huntress trying to figure out who did the deed, leaving Scott and Mike to try to figure out why the Justice Society were being such utter dicks to a fellow super-hero. Seriously!! They cut this guy ZERO freaking slack and then, after he dies, they act like it’s no big deal!! Frankly, the guys are surprised that they put any effort into solving the murder at all!!

Lastly, be sure to join Scott and Mike next week as they look at the final two JLA/JSA crossovers that occur “before” ALL-STAR SQUADRON!! One involves Darkseid, the other involves the Secret Society of Super-Villains!! Be there (or Mike and Scott will short-sheet ya)!!

“Required Reading” for next week — JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA(Vol. 1) #s 183 thru 185 and 195 thru 197!!

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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