Tales of the Justice Society of America #27

MadminW May 16, 2010

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In this fast, funky, and furiously funny installment, Mike and Scott take a much needed breather to bring YOU, the listener, up to speed on what the guys are planning for this “in-betweener” period in the continuing saga of the “Tales of the Justice Society of America” and to solicit YOUR show suggestions!!

Also, the fellas address and discuss a goodly portion of the mountain of awesome email that has been flooding into the show. All in all, it’s a somewhat more laid-back, yet still hilariously wacky episode showcasing the thoughts and opinions of our most loquacious listeners!!


Next Week: Showcase Comics #s 97, 98, and 99 — featuring the SECRET ORIGIN of Power Girl!!

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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