Tales of the Justice Society of America #29

MadminW May 29, 2010

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Yes, indeed, cats and kittens!! Scott and Mike are back this week — slightly late because Mike has HORRENDOUS time management skills! Never fear, though. Scott hired some big guy who’s middle name is “The” to… explain… yeah, explain, that’s the best way to put it… “explain” to Mike that the listeners NEED their TALES OF THE JSA!!

Hopefully Mike will recover in time to record the next episode…

In any case — this time out, the guys turn their attention once again to The Huntress and look at The Dark Knight’s Daughter’s butt… er, I mean, appearances! Her appearances! …in BATMAN FAMILY!!

Starting with BATMAN FAMILY #17, The Huntress meets the Earth-1 Batman and Robin for the First Time (where she promptly knocks the Teen Wonder on his ass)!! Seems the Huntress wants some advice from the Caped Crusader on how to deal with this whole double-life thing. And so, the kindly Batman promptly passes her off to somebody else! Specifically, the Earth-1 Batwoman! Then proceeds to take on a bad guy with SERIOUS body image issues.

In the next story, we flash back to a sixties-style adventure in which bad girls Madame Zodiac, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy team-up and only the heroic trio of the Huntress, Batwoman, and Batgirl can handle them!! Your intrepid hosts have problems galore with this particular story, mostly because it’s goofy as hell, but also because Helena Wayne discovers the truism that — if an Earth-2 character goes to Earth-1, they will surely be as mistreated as a red-headed step-child!! For example… remember how Batman dumped Huntress off on Batwoman? Well, Batwoman immediately turns around and pawns Huntress off on Batgirl!! And Batgirl, also the daughter of a Gotham City Police Commissioner, is SO freakin’ condescending to the Huntress!! Seriously! What the HELL is THAT all about?!!

So then, the guys turn their attention lastly to BATMAN FAMILY issues 18 through 20, in which Helena graduates to her own feature for the last three issues of the series. And boy, is it a really good story!! Seriously! Sure it kinda feels like a television super-hero pilot from the late ’70s, but that actually makes it all the more awesome. In this one, The Huntress takes on an arsonist setting fires in a Gotham neighborhood, all while having to put up with a co-worker that deserves the ass-kicking to end all ass-kickings. Scott and Mike really dig into this one and even end up talking about vigilantism and speculating about just how many people the Golden-Age Batman and Superman may’ve let die during their early days. The guys also debate The Huntress’ fate post “CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS”. Those “fascinating” conversations are followed by some ads and…

We are VERY pleased to announce… THE RETURN OF THE HOSTESS AD!!

Yes, indeed!! The ads hawking high calorie, low nutrition snacks are back, baby!! And this time, it is Aquaman and Aqualad in an adventure that once again, stunningly, makes a good deal of sense — much to Scott and Mike’s chagrin.

Believe it or not, the five stories (and two panels) covered this episode equal only about two regular issues, so this episode comes in at a normal running time for a change (well, at least as normal as these blabbermouths can manage anyway)!!

Next Week — The guys cover some adventures of Alan Scott, The Earth-2 Green Lantern, in both GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH! See you then!!

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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