Tales of the Justice Society of America #41

MadminW November 13, 2010 2

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TALES is back and this time we come in at just under an hour. Why’s that? Well, this story isn’t exactly the greatest, let’s be honest. It’s not terrible! Not by a long shot. But, at the same time, Scott and Mike didn’t want to spend the whole time bashing it either because they really do love Roy Thomas as a writer… plus Mike had to meet up with his parole officer and he can’t be late for that. They tend to throw him in jail and stuff.

Anyway, we get more on the identity of the wacky alien what’s come to Earth to start a ruckus. There’s some fighting and, at the end, we find out who the ultimate bad guy is. Who is it, you ask? Well you’ll have to listen to the episode and find out! Duh.

Plus — the guys look at the ads, the letters page, and even read some of YOUR e-mails.
Next week: This story ends! Yaaaay!

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