Tales of the Justice Society of America #44

MadminW June 3, 2011

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That’s right, folks. Despite previous reports of the demise of TALES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA the show is NOT dead. In fact, Scott and Mike are back on a WEEKLY basis so Fridays just got interesting again.

This time out the guys pick up where they left off, but surprisingly they will not be covering the next issue of ALL-STAR SQUADRON. Starting this week Mike and Scott will be covering one of the best stories to come out of this era of ALL-STAR SQUADRON…CRISIS ON EARTH PRIME. Not only is this a major story-arc for the All-Stars but it also crosses over with another DC title namely JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA! This is almost historic because while books crossover into each other all the time these days when this story was published it was like rare.

CRISIS ON EARTH PRIME begins in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #207 and this one has it all, folks! The Justice Society! The Justice League! The Crime Syndicate! The All-Star Squadron (for all of five seconds)! Sonny and Cher! William Shatner! The 1972 Miami Dolphins! Paul Lynde! Bea Arthur! The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Ok, 95% of those people don’t appear in this issue, but it’s a pretty awesome story anyway. There is action, intrigue, super-heroes and time travel. All the things a growing comic fan needs.

Next Week: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #14 and the second part of CRISIS ON EARTH PRIME!

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