Tales of the Justice Society of America #60

MadminW September 30, 2011

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Hey there, everyone. Robin the Boy Wonder here to tell you why you should listen to the latest episode of Tales of the Justice Society of America. Batman was supposed to do this but he disappeared on me, so I have to fill in. This happens a lot actually. One minute we’re fighting crime in Gotham City and the next thing I know he’s spending hours in this funny looking place that has silhouettes of girls over the letters XXX on the windows. He spends hours in there and comes out smelling like cigarettes and booze. This doesn’t factor in all of the times I had to stand outside of the Batmobile while he and Catwoman fought inside. At least I think they were fighting. That car sure was bouncing around but Catwoman kept begging for more and calling Batman, “Big Poppa,” so I don’t know what was going on there.

Moving on, Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey (who is short, just like me) have put out another episode of Tales and in that episode they dicsuss All-Star Squadron #26 and wouldn’t you know it but I am right there on the cover, which is the bee’s knees let me tell you. In the issue a bunch of other heroes and I team up to figure out where the disappearing heroes went. Mike and Scott talk about this issue a whole lot and go over why Scott doesn’t like that Brainwave, Jr. guy while Mike keeps raving about the Guardian. They also discuss the ads, Mike’s sexy voice and what else was going on in the DC Multiverse, whatever that is.

Next time: All-Star Squadron Annual #2!

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