Tales of the Justice Society of America #69 (Dudes!) – All-Star Squadron #30

MadminW January 6, 2012

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This week Scott and Mike discuss All-Star Squadron #30, which features the Justice Battalion fighting against the Black Dragon Society. It also has a cover that begs the question, “What is so wrong with that?”

I mean look at that cover. Someone is trying to off Johnny Thunder. What’s the big deal? Why is the Justice Battlion in such a hurry to save that man?


Anyway, the guys tackle something else in this episode which may result in it being the most controversial Tales of the JSA they have ever done. Roy Thomas addresses a part of World War II history that most people would probably like to forget and the opinions on that subject and on how Thomas handled it may not be popular.

But that is only one small part of the episode. Mostly it is Scott and Mike poking fun at the goofiness of the story and Mike complaining that it has been like three or four issues since we have actually seen the All-Star Squadron proper.

NEXT TIME: That changes next time as the guys cover All-Star Squadron #31, which features the first official meeting of that team and boy is the cover AWESOME.

It needs to be a T-shirt or a poster. It really does.

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