Tales of the Justice Society of America #78: All-Star Squadron Annual #3

MadminW April 11, 2014

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“Tales” is back — and this time we brought damn near the entire DC Comics creative team (circa 1984) with us!!

This episode, the burning question of “why haven’t you guys been addressing listener feedback?!” is discussed. Are they too busy? Are they too lazy? Maybe they can’t read? Fear Not! All Will Be Revealed!

Then, it is on to the Main Event!! All-Star Squadron Annual #3!

Didja ever wonder how all these heroes of World War II stayed so seemingly young and spry well into the 1980s and beyond? Well, Mike and Scott break down that story for you into convenient, bite-sized pieces. And, in the process, have lots and lots to say about the multitude of talent on this book. Writer Roy Thomas is joined by some of the top DC super-stars of the day for the handling of the art chores — Jerry Ordway, Rick Hoberg, Richard Howell, Keith Giffen, Rich Buckler, Wayne Boring, Carmine Infantino, Don Newton, and George Perez — just to name a few!!

(Incidentally, this is the Irredeemable Shag’s favorite comic book story ever!)


Next Episode: All-Star Squadron #36 — Earth-Two’s Greatest Heroes versus The Power of Shazam!

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