Tales of the Justice Society of America #82: October, 1984

MadminW May 23, 2014

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If it’s Friday, it MUST be time for “Tales of the Justice Society of America”!!


This week, Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner present you with stories from the month of October, 1984.

First up is the World War II-era “All-Star Squadron #38” in which the team learns of racial tensions in Detroit! Who is the mysterious “Real American” and what is his hideous agenda? What’s become of Amazing Man? Why can’t we all just get along?

Next up, it’s a trip forward in time to “Infinity, Inc. #7” and a titanic tussle between the last Kryptonians — Superman vs. Power Girl!

BONUS — Scott and Mike talk about… Marvel’s Team America???

Hey, whaddaya want for nuthin’?

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