Tales of the Justice Society of America #83: November, 1984

MadminW June 27, 2014

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Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner bring you yet another exciting installment of the show recently voted one of the 10 best on the internet!

“This is a true labour of love it seems. Michael Bailey and Two True Freaks’ Scott Gardner host this great little show. Tales of the Justice Society of America is a sort of issue by issue analysis of the Justice Society and associated characters since the 1970′s revival of All Star Comics. It covers All Star Comics 58-74, the Adventure Comics back up strips and around episode 31 it started looking at the All Star Squadron, a period piece set in the 1940′s of DC’s Earth 2 spotlighting the lesser known golden age heroes like Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle and Shining Knight as well as retconned characters like Firebrand and Commander Steel. The issues are reviewed and then there are tangents and related conversations, e-mails and a look at the adds, the highlight of which are the hostess fruit pies ads. If you don’t love the JSA by the start, you’ll be closer after the first episode.”

— http://liverpoolmunky76.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/podcasts/


This time around, the fellas take a look at All-Star Squadron #39 — the penultimate chapter of the Detroit Race-Riots Saga!

Also — Infinity, Inc. #8 features “The Generations Saga” barreling toward its exciting conclusion!

And, finally, there’s “Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse – Crisis Management Edition” in which the guys discuss the Pre-Crisis Monitor appearances for November, 1984!

Give a listen and find out what the all the hubbub is about!!

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