Tales of the Justice Society of America #84: December, 1984

MadminW November 28, 2014

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So, it’s Black Friday as this episode goes live and, if you live in the United State,s chances are you are one of the thousands of people standing in line at three in the morning waiting for a chance to buy a television for $50 cheaper than you would normally be able to buy it. Thanksgiving dinner is sitting kind of funny and all you want is the kid behind you to just STFU about the fact that he needs to go to the bathroom. It’s cold. You’re tired. Life sucks at the moment.

Well, have no fear because Scott and Mike are here with another fantastic episode of “Tales”!

(If you live outside the US it is probably another Friday, in which case, HEY THERE’S A BRAND NEW EPISODE OF TALES FOR YOU!)

Anyway, this time out the guys talk about the books that came out with a December 1984 cover date.

In All-Star Squadron #40, the troubles in Detroit come to a head with Amazing Man finally having it out with The Real American while Johnny desperately wants a cup of coffee.

Then, in Infinity Inc. #9, Jade faces off against the man she believes is her father…GREEN LANTERN.

E-mails are read and Scott and Mike lead you through another Crisis Counseling session.

So, what are you waiting for…DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY!

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