Tales of the Justice Society of America #85: January, 1985

MadminW December 4, 2014

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Whoa! Two in a row??!

Yup! “Tales” is back with another brand-spankin’ new episode!!

This time ’round, Mike and Scott take a look at “All Star Squadron” #41, The Secret Origin of STARMAN!!

(Apologies in advance for the inablilty to talk about his rod without snickering)

Next up, “Infinity, Inc.” #10 and the stunning conclusion to the Generations Saga!! Warning — Someone Dies This Issue!!

(Please Dear Lord Baby Jesus, let it be Norda…)

And we complete the show with a look at even more Pre-Crisis Appearances of everybody’s favorite voyeur, The Monitor, in our “Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse: Crisis Management” segment!

Enjoy and be sure to stay tuned as FULL COVERAGE of the Greatest Comics Event of All Time, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, is mere weeks away!!

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