Tales of the Justice Society of America #87: America vs The Justice Society – Part I of II

MadminW January 2, 2015

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This time out, Scott and Mike take a break from the day to day business here at “Tales” to begin their look at a mini-series that came out at the end of 1984 and told the COMPLETE HISTORY of the Justice Society of America!!

Now, as a straight up history it might be a little dry, so writer Roy Thomas hung the idea around a plot that sees Batman accuse the JSA of treason from beyond the grave!

The guys tackle the first two issues this episode and we see the accusation, the JSA in chains, and the trial begin! There are surprise witnesses, surprise villains, and, of course, a shadowy figure behind it all!

Next time: The Excitiing Conclusion as the history lesson wraps up and the Ultimate Villain makes himself known!

GOOD NEWS!! “America vs The Justice Society” is soon to be reprinted and you can pre-order it here — America vs The Justice Society Trade Paperback

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