Tales of the Justice Society of America #88: America vs The Justice Society – Part II of II

MadminW January 9, 2015

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Tales is back…with improved sound even!!That’s right, guys and gals, Tales of the JSA is back and Scott and Mike have an episode that they have been looking forward to so much they spend like twenty minutes talking about video games at the beginning of the show! After that bit of business, they dive into the third and fourth issues of AMERICA VS THE JUSTICE SOCIETY!

See the Wizard take the stand!

Watch as the ultimate villain is revealed!

Join the guys in asking “HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK?!!” several times throughout the episode!

It may seem like they didn’t like the books, but they did. We promise. (they just have some serious issues)

Next Time…back to the normal ALL-STAR and INFINITY INC talk and another edition of CRISIS MANAGEMENT!!

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