Tales of the Justice Society of America #90: March, 1985

MadminW January 23, 2015 1

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THIS IS IT!! The LAST Pre-Crisis episode of “Tales of the Justice Society of America”!!

Join hosts Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner as they take a look at two more awesome issues of JSA goodness!

First up, “All-Star Squadron” #43 in which our heroes contend with Prince Daka and his sinister agents Kung, Tsunami, and, our personal favorite, Sumo the Samurai!! By Roy Thomas, Mike Baron, Arvell Jones, and Bill Collins

Next, the guys attend “The Press Conference” in “Infinity, Inc.” #12!! By Roy Thomas, Tony Dezuniga, Tim Burgard, and Joe Rubinstein

And, finally, the LAST Pre-Crisis installment of “Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse: Crisis Management Edition” examines two — AND ONLY TWO!! — appearances of THE MONITOR!!

NEXT EPISODE — This is it, boys and girls — CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1!!

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