Tales of the Justice Society of America #91: April, 1985

MadminW February 20, 2015 7

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“Tales” is back with a brand-new installment!!

Join hosts Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner for more fun and adventure on the world of Earth-2!

First up, the fellas take a look at All-Star Squadron #44 in which Hourman and Firebrand go on a double date and end up facing the Nazi uber-siblings Night and Fog!!

Next, in Infinity, Inc. #13, it’s nekkidness all around as our skinny-dipping teen heroes find themselves menaced by everyone’s favorite schizo, Rose and Thorn!

PLUS — more Crisis Management, this time with Jonah Hex and World’s Finest, and LISTENER FEEDBACK!!

Next Episode — Crisis on Infinite Earths #2!!

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