Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 54

MadminW August 13, 2011

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Hey there, folks. Brain Wave here again. I just got back from the ass whooping lynch mob that was the combined forces of the Jutsice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron who…well…they whipped my ass pretty good. Turns out I am not as smart as I thought I was. I thought I had everything figured out but then All-Star Squadron #20 went down and it turns out that a certain hero with an emerald ring screwed everything up for me. It was a pretty cool story, though. Scott and Mike of Tales of the JSA tell you all about it in their 54th episode. They cover the story from top to bottom and as usual talk about the things they liked and what they didn’t like.

After that they talk about the ads of the book which once again sucked pretty hard. The Meanwhile column was cool but ever since those Hostess Fruit Pies ads dried up Mike and Scott have been kind of lost. Apparently dramatically reading those ads gave them purpose or something.

I think my ribs are broken. Someone should call a doctor.

Once the ads are finished the guys talk about what else was going on in the DC Multiverse and tackle three e-mails from the same guy, which sparks a lot of good discussion. I am sure Scott and Mike would like to thank Luke for writing in and providing that much grist for the mill.


…Sorry…lost consciousness for a while there. And I just soiled myself so while you listen to the episode I will seek medical assitance.

Next time: All-Star Squadron #21. It’s pretty epic. Brain Wave out.

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