Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 55

MadminW August 19, 2011

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Greetings, everyone! My name is Superman and in addition to being the most awesome thing to ever happen to life on Earth I also guest star in All-Star Squadron #21, which happens to be the book Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey are covering this week on something called a podcast. I’m not entirely sure what that is because it is 1942 but I understand it has something to do with a computer. Mike and Scott must be wealthy to afford such things as a computer in this era takes up most of a city block. In any case, on this “podcast” thing Scott and Mike discuss how I team up with the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society to fight a bunch of awesome bad guys. Hawkman and crew take on Cyclotron while Liberty Belle, Green Lantern and I fight Deathbolt, which sucks because I was totally going to score with Belle despite Green Lantern just HAVING to tag along, the jerk. One of my oldest villains shows up at the end too, so all in all this is one swell adventure.

After that the guys go on long tangents while supposedly covering the ads and talking about what else was going on in something called the Multiverse. They talk about arcades and video games and anniversary issues, which was all very fascinating and by fascinating I mean I fell asleep halfway through. Man those guys are chatter boxes. They do play a clip of my radio show, which was sixteen different kinds of cool. This episode might be long, but it sure is packed with a lot of…content. Yeah, I’ll setlle with content.

Next time: More awesone Earth-2 action.

What the hell is Earth-2?

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