Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 57

MadminW September 10, 2011

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Things are somewhat back to normal this week as Scott and Mike once again have control of their posts here at the main page and can stop worrying about super-villains hacking the Libsyn account.

For now…

Anywho, this week the guys talk about All-Star Squadron #23, which is the first appearance of the truly awesome Amazing-Man! A lot of the discussion centers around A-Man and why he is so cool, but Mike and Scott also discuss their thoughts on Dr. Fate, his whiny wife Inza, and why Deathbolt has such a thing for the Ultra-Humanite.

They also talk about something that could possibly be considered… offensive (but that was not the intent of the conversation, so please keep that in mind for that section of the show).

There is also late breaking news regarding All-Star Squadron and collected editions, so keep an ear out for that too.

Next time: Batman (and Robin) return in All-Star Squadron #24!

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