Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 58

MadminW September 16, 2011

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Tales of the Justice Society of America is back…just in time to fight your weekend boredom!

This time Scott and Mike cover All-Star Squadron #24, which like the previous handful of All-Star issues is composed of 100% kick-ass. Why? Well, for one thing Batman and Robin show up even though Robin is pretty reckless when it comes to the whole secret identity thing. For another thing Green Lantern does something that truly impresses both Mike and Scott. Also the Tarantula gets a new and totally bad ass costume.

Before the issue synopsis and commentary Scott and Mike give their thoughts on the upcoming Earth-2 based Justice Society book that was announced a few weeks back. There is little in the way of complaining and the conversation is pretty solid with less swearing than you might think. After the issue synopsis and commentary is the usual mix of ad coverage and Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse.

Next time: All-Star Squadron #25 and the first full appearance of…INFINITY, INC.!

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